Skills Level 1 Info

Level: Blue Level (2)
Pre-requisites: Graduation from either Beginner Manners or Puppy Manners
Time: Monday nights at 7-7.45pm or 8-8.45pm or Thursday nights at 6.30-7.15pm
Cost: $40 per term
Trainer: Vicki Anderton, Soph Robson and Desley Bouwhuis

Skills Level 1 emphasises the correct timing of rewards (food and toys) as well as luring, shaping and reinforcing behaviours. Social skills and manners are developed including calm greeting of people and dogs. Other techniques that are worked on include recall, loose lead walking, wait, position changes, send to mat, switching from working to calming and foundation skills for obedience and agility training. Commands/tricks such as sit, drop, stand, roll and spin to name a few are also worked on as well as chaining groups of tasks together for the positions changes.