Seniors Agility Info

Level: Gold Level Agility (8)
Pre-requisites: For Senior members that have competed in Agility at Masters level in both Jumping and Agility with at least one dog or who are currently competing at Masters Level with their dog.
Time: Thursday nights at 6:30-8.15pm
Cost: $40 per term
Trainer: Self Instructed

**NOTE: The handlers may also train subsequent dogs that are not at Masters Level.

The Seniors Agility class is for experienced handlers. They don’t have an instructor as they have trained multiple dogs or have titled their first dogs to Masters level. Handlers must be invited to join this group or have graduated from all instructed classes and be competing at Masters level in both Jumping and Agility. Senior handlers from other clubs who wish to join need to make a request through the contact us page. 

The dogs in this class are not always at Masters Level. There are often young dogs that the Senior handlers are training to start trialling or who are competing at lower levels. Everyone helps each other out as there is no formal instructor.