Puppy Manners Info

Level: Red Level (1)
Pre-requisites: Dogs are under 6 months of age
Time: Monday nights at 8-8.45pm
Cost: $40 per term
Trainer: Ambre Smith

The Puppy Manners class works on building relationship and communication between dogs and handlers. Positive reinforcement techniques are used to develop basic obedience and begin clicker training.  The class aims to teach the correct timing for rewarding positive behaviours. These can include some basic skills such as focus, being calm, coming when called, sit, drop and stay. Handlers work at making themselves much more exciting than any distractions to maintain their dogs attention and focus. Training games are changed regularly to avoid boredom and emphasis is made on taking breaks to ensure skills are learnt in short and fun sessions. Learning the importance of release commands and rewarding the dogs when they listen and respond to these is also covered along with the introduction to impulse control games using “Zen treat”/”Zen Bowl” etc.