Class Timetables


ClassFeeDay and TimeLocationPre-Requisite
Puppy Manners
(Dogs under 6 mnths)
$40Monday 8-8.45pmMain arenaNone
Beginner Manners
(Dogs over 6 mnths)
$40Monday 8-8.45pmMain arenaNone
Skills Level 1$40Monday 7-7.45pm or
Thursday 6.30-7.15pm
(there are 2 classes)
Main ArenaGraduation from Puppy or Beginner Manners
Skills Level 2 (with Skills 3)$40Monday 8-8.45pmBottom ovalGraduation from Skills Level 1
Skills Level 3 (with Skills 2)$40Monday 8-8.45pmBottom ovalGraduation from Skills Level 2
Advanced Skills$40Monday 8-8.45pmMain arenaGraduation from Skills Level 3
Skills For Trialling All Levels$40Monday 7-7.45pmMain arenaGraduation from Advanced Skills
Trick Training$40Not available Term 1 2021Bottom oval Graduation from Skills Level 2
Scentwork $40Not available Term 1 2021Agility equipment shed (Bottom oval)Graduation from Skills Level 1
Rally-O$40Thursday 7-8.45pmMain arenaGraduation from Skills Level 2
Seniors Obedience$40Monday or Thursday
Main arena and Bottom oval (without interrupting other classes) Graduation from Skills For Trialling All Levels and/or competing in Obedience and have gained at least the CD title.



ClassFeeDay and TimeLocation Pre-Requisite
Foundation Agility
$40Mon 6:30 - 7.45pmLower ovalGraduation from Skills Level 1 and be at least 12 months of age
Elementary Agility$40Mon 6:30 - 7.45pmLower ovalGraduation from Foundation Agility
Intermediate Agility$40Mon 6:30 - 7.45pmLower ovalGraduation from Elementary Agility
Advanced Agility$40Mon 6:30 - 7.45pm Lower ovalGraduation from Intermediate Agility and/or be trialling
Seniors Agility$40Thurs 6:30-8.15pmLower ovalBy Admission
Graduated all instructed classes and/ or be trialling at Masters Level in both Agility and Jumping.
Friday Agility$40Fri 9:30am -12pm Lower ovalBy invitation only

*Please arrive early to help set-up the equipment, and allow time to help pack away.