4th Dec 2017  – 2017 Christmas Party

The Annual Southern River Christmas Party took place Monday night the 4th Dec. The trainers and committee worked hard setting up the bbq, games and prizes. There was a fancy dress competition which saw some amazing costumes. The Tunnel dash game was a huge success with many different dogs and handler teams trying it out. There were two levels this year a novice and advanced. Many obedience handlers gave it a go some with more success than others but all had fun in trying. Some other games that were played were musical cones and a team relay where the dogs had to find a sausage under a cone. This was by far the funniest to watch! I think it is safe to say that everyone enjoyed themselves. Congratulations to all the prize winners. We shall see everyone back next year at the registration night.

5th Feb 2018 – Start of Term 1

Classes start this week again. Please if you are new members remember to leave your dogs at home and register with your membership form filled out and term money ready to go for the office staff.

Existing members you should all already be registered into your classes and term fees paid before this week. No registration and payment no training.